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        Carpet And Air Duct Cleaning
1310 Oakcrest Dr. Columbia S.C. 29223

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Like many of you, we experience an abundance of spam, robo and scam phone calls on a daily basis. Due to an increase of these types of calls we have implemented a call screening and blocking service. If you find that you are unable to reach us by phone ( receiving a " This phone number has been disconnected" Or other error message.)  The phone number you are calling us from may have been flagged and blocked by our screening service. Please know that our phone numbers are still active. If you are a customer in need of our services, would like a free quote by phone, have questions about our services or need to schedule an appointment. Simply email us at or fill out the contact form below letting us know your phone number has been blocked and we will gladly unblock your phone number.  We apologize for any inconvenience and look forward to hearing from you.

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