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        Carpet And Air Duct Cleaning
1310 Oakcrest Dr. Columbia S.C. 29223


1st 8 vents and 1 return

Basic Cleaning $699.95

"Push pull" And "Contact" Cleaning Available 

Powerful Rotary, HEPA Vac, Negative Air, Compressed Air, High Pressure Cleaning Systems Available !

 Free Inspections

All safe and guaranteed

Call For Commercial Rates !
              Thank you !

Duct Cleaning.

Only professional equipment specifically designed for duct cleaning used  

True Care's powerful top rated
               duct cleaning. 
 Wireless Vision Camera Mounted
Dust pulled from dirty air duct

Free inspection of system,

  blower, mold, mildew, crawl space and moisture barrier check 

Rotary duct cleaning machine cleaning dirty air duct


​​​​Easy per-vent/return pricing. 1st 8 vents and 1 return $699.95. $34.95 per vent $49.95 per return 

Before and after air duct cleaning

                 Dryer Duct / Vent Cleaning

                  Wireless Vision Camera's 

                   And Only Professional 

                   Equipment Designed For 

                   Dryer Duct Cleaning Used

                 The most preventable causes

                            of house fires !


                        Dryer Unit Cleaning



      About Dryer Duct Exits And Accessibility:

          In most cases dryer ducts are cleaned 

            from the "inside" to the "exit" outside 

            then cleaned again in reverse order  from                the "exit" back towards the "entrance"

              If needed. Full length duct

     vision cameras ensure the entire duct

     line is cleared. In some cases a dryer

     ducts "exit" may not be easily accessible.

     For example, if the exit is completely 

     framed in under a home with little to

     no crawl space access. Structures such

     as sunrooms, decks, pools etc. that have

     been constructed without leaving adequate space to access the exit. 

Also if the duct exits a homes roof that 

can not be accessed easily. The goal with any cleaning is to clean properly, with proper equipment and without causing any damage. If your dryer duct exit can not be accessed without the risk of causing any damage to the duct and or your home we will simply clean / clear the dryer duct from the inside to the exit outside only. This does NOT mean the duct was not cleared or cleaned properly as full length of the duct will be viewed using duct vision cameras. If your duct exits in one of the above mentioned ways and we can not access it you may see a little lint or debris on your outside cover. Again this does NOT mean the dryer duct is not clear and or cleaned.

Thank You ! 




Complete ULV HVAC System fogging 


Full system 3 step fogging


See also Dry Sanitizing in our site menu for dry whole house or business sanitizing.

About HVAC Filters: Due to the many different Sizes, Brands Etc. We Do Not

Sell Or Keep On Hand Replacement Filters

However We Will Be Happy To Install Any 

Filters You Have Purchased After Cleaning

Is Complete.  


About "Wall stacked" or "Framed In" Ducts:

In some older homes ducts may be "walled' or "framed in" Access to these types of ducts can be difficult. More labor intensive methods along with the need to work more slowly to prevent any damage may result in additional cleaning charges. 

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