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  Carpet And Air Duct Cleaning
Columbia, S.C.  (803) 865-8911

​Specialty Services

 Kills 99.9% of odor causing bacteria .

Natural enzyme base. Disinfect to kill mold/mildew

in your carpet and padding (stops recurring spots) 


Clean carpet on flight of stair

Pet Urine /Odor Removal 

Kills the odor at the source.

Aids in eliminating uritic salts 

Helps with yellowing and discoloration

True Care Protection

Protect against permanent stains

Pre mature ware

traffic area damage

permanent damage

Protection available for 

carpet, all rug types,

as well as upholstery  

Mold/mildew removal

​Mold/mildew remediation 

Moister control

moister barrier 

​Please call for other services not listed here


clean furniture
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